Our Beliefs

In order to outperform all local competition, an estate agent must do 2 simple things:

  1. Strive to ensure everything you do is better than every one of your competitors
  2. Engage with your market about their needs and interests, not yours

Our next belief is actually more of a fact:

Video is now the most effective form of communicating with multiple clients (whether existing, potential or past), and in many cases even with individual clients. It’s why companies like Google & Facebook are increasing video to make up 85-90% of their entire content.

Our Approach

We desperately want our estate agency clients to outperform, so we provide 2 key services:

  1. Outstanding property marketing media applicable across the whole market
  2. Video content designed to ensure our clients are the preferred choice for vendors, even before you’ve met them

Consumers now make their choices based on the information they find online - when they eventually speak to you they just want you to validate the decision they’ve already made.

We will:

  • Help you deliver the content a vendor needs to make their decision in your favour
  • Make it available to them throughout their decision making process
  • Deliver it in the format they are most likely to engage with

Our Story

We first started producing iViewProperty video tours in 2011. They’re designed to show viewers the flow of a home, so they can imagine themselves living their and, having now filmed thousands of properties, they’re proven to both attract more vendors and speed up sales.

Working solely in the property sector, we’ve learned exactly what an estate agent is trying to achieve, what vendors and buyers are looking for, and how video can help deliver the best result for all parties.

Next Steps...

Choose which of our range of videos will be the next step in your estate agency video marketing plan