So How Do Vendors Select Their Estate Agent?

The first thing we consider before introducing a new video is whether or not it will help clients win more instructions, and there are 3 points in particular that, established properly, will ensure more potential vendors will at least invite you to value their homes:

  • Presence - are vendors familiar with your brand and your brand values?
  • Expertise - do they consider you to be extremely knowledgeable about their local area?
  • Value - do you deliver more than your audience expects? (even before they've spoken to you)

Instead of telling your market how great YOU are, we need to give them information that answers THEIR questions, and feeds THEIR interests. Hyper local information about property prices and market activity, delivered in regular bitesize videos that are easy to watch, and that bring the data to life, achieve each of the 3 goals we’ve mentioned:

  • Shareable - whether delivered to your email list, via social media or on your website, providing regular video updates will increase your visibility where it matters, to your local online market
  • Knowledgable - sharing your insights and expertise on the local market makes you the go-to agents for whatever a home owner’s property needs are
  • Helpful - you’ve answered their questions before they even knew what the questions are! Who do you think they’ll turn to when it’s time for them to act?

Video is absolutely the best media to reach your target market and ensure your message is heard.

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